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“I would like to nominate Noreen for the Exemplary Provider award. Her assessments of patients are thorough, thoughtful and professional. I just recently had a patient go through a very, very difficult medication change for bipolar disorder with a lot of terrible side effects, lethargy, confusion. Noreen walked beside this patient, calling them, checking in, scheduling additional time to meet, communicating with me, the patient. I just spoke with that patient today, and they are doing amazingly well. I attribute this to Noreen’s exemplary care, work ethic, brilliance, experience, knowledge and care. Thanks Noreen! -Barb Corcoran, LCSW

“I would like to nominate Noreen for the Exemplary Care Award for her care of a complicated ADHD patient that I have been working with for the last several years. She has worked with him on a full understanding of how several of his medical conditions affect his mood symptoms and has been able to view him as a whole person, helping him treat his conditions with less medication over time, and now with also Dr. Schreiner’s help he is no longer taking medication. Thank you for your compassionate care Noreen.” -Anneliese Heckert, DO