13 Margarito Flores - Director of Operations EDITED

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winner of the June 2019 Mariposa Award is Margarito Flores. Margarito is Director of Operations for Mountain Family Health Centers and was nominated by Behavioral Health Provider Barbra Corcoran, Advocacy Coordinator and Executive Assistant Danyelle Rigli and Human Resources Specialist Shiela Kendall.

Congratulations, Margarito, and thank you for your dedication to Mountain Family’s mission and ability to provide excellent, integrated care.

“I would like to nominate Margarito for the Mariposa award. He is an excellent problem solver for Mountain Family. He responds quickly, gathers information, and then makes decisions with a plan to follow up on things and make sure that the established plan is a good fit. He runs effective meetings that stay on track and I feel that he is a great asset who should be recognized for his interpersonal and organizational skills.” – Barbra Corcoran, Behavioral Health Provider

“Margarito has impressed me from the day he started and continues to do so. He is as professional as it gets and knows his stuff… He has constantly communicated any updates or progression with the entire team in a timely and concise manner. Margarito values his team and the mission of Mountain Family Health Centers and we are lucky to have him.” – Danyelle Rigli, Advocacy Coordinator & Executive Assistant“Margarito is a true professional that is a genuine, quiet shining star in our midst… He is a true leader, and we are very lucky to have him on our team.” – Shiela Kendall, Human Resources Specialist