Nataly Meraz

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Nataly Meraz, RN, & Basalt Clinic Nurse Facilitator, for winning the June 2018 Mariposa Award! Nataly was nominated by several people, including Basalt Practice Manager Eleni Bergquist, RN.

“I want to nominate Nataly Meraz for the Mariposa award this month. Nataly devotes herself 100% to her job while she’s at work. She has a such a warm spirit and you can tell how much she loves taking care of patients… Nataly and I have formed a strong working relationship, which I feel is crucial to running a successful operation. We work together to function as a team to make sure the clinic runs smoothly, anywhere from taking care of patients, to the synergy of relationships between team members. Nataly is often the last one to leave in the evening, making sure every phone call is made, that needs to be made to our patients. Nataly is a joy to work with, and is the epitome of what a Nurse should be, and how a Nurse should act.” – Eleni Bergquist, RN, Basalt Practice Manager

“I would like to nominate Nataly Meraz for this upcoming Mariposa award. Every day she comes to work with a smile and a great positive attitude. Everything that she does for our clinic site and patients is always beyond expectations. She shows every single staff member support in anything that they need and is always there when needed regardless if she is busier than all of us combined. Our patients of Basalt are very lucky to have Nataly as a part of their healthcare team and we as our patients’ health care team are very lucky to have Nataly. ” – Bonnie Mendiburu, Lead MA

“I would like to nominate Nataly Meraz for Mariposa this month. Nataly has transformed her role from Clinic Operations Manager to nurse extraordinaire to officially the Clinic Nurse Facilitator with grace and patience. She is always willing to acquire new skills to better her patient care. Nataly has embraced the diabetes modules and is working with our patients to teach them on a level that each patient as an individual can understand. I can’t express enough how big of a team player Nataly is. In addition to her clinical skills, she is a shining star that brings joy to our workplace daily. It is a pleasure to work with her.” – Dr. Anneliese Heckert, DO

“Nataly exemplifies the concept of team-based care before it even had a name. She is a great leader and an asset to the Basalt team. Her work ethic continues to impress me daily, and her kindness and patience makes our patients feel well-cared-for. I can always trust her with important (and complicated) tasks. She is truly an example of someone who goes ‘above and beyond’ every day.” – Emily Borkovec, PA

“Nataly is always willing to help out in any situation, always doing it with a smile. She takes on a multitude of tasks, always willing to help when our team isn’t complete. She has been very creative with ways to help us meet our goals as a team and for Mountain Family as a whole as well.” – Tracie McKinley, PA