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“Devon’s dedication and service to our workforce is incredible to witness daily. Watching her grow from a new college graduate into an experienced professional throughout her MFHC career has been an honor. Devon shows commitment to serving everyone at MFHC to the best of her ability no matter how big or small the task. She is open to new ideas and thinks creatively on how to resolve challenges. When faced with challenges, Devon responds with action. In her actions, we get to witness the results of what a clear vision combined with unwavering dedication will do for success. It is a joy and a privilege to have her part of the HR Team. Thank you, Devon.” –Scott Owens, HR Director

“Devon has such an impact on every single employee that we hire. She represents us to everyone that wishes to work with us and personally screens every person to find the best fit for Mountain Family. She is our gate keeper. If there is a question from anyone in leadership, she is the first one we go to. She is full of grace and forgiveness and patience that I aspire to have one day. All of this but she also makes everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. I know when I came on, she was so wonderful to work with and it really spoke highly about this organization. There aren’t many of us that have personal interaction with every employee, Devon does, and she is amazing at it. For those reasons and a million little other ones, I would like to nominate Devon for the Mariposa award.” -Amanda Canete

“I second this nomination. Devon has always been there to assist me in anything and everything I have needed. She’s been there when I just needed to vent. She always brings a smile to everyone’s face.” – Kearah Williams

“I would like to nominate Devon Spaulding for November Mariposa. She has worked so hard recently trying to make sure we find the right fit for our MA position. Not only is she constantly trying to get us staffed but in the middle of all of that she is willing to answer and help with other questions. She always responds so fast to emails with any questions or concerns. This is why I would like to nominate Devon as our Mariposa for November.” –Jocelyn Vega

“Devon is the epitome of the Mountain Family mission. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to work with Devon. Devon works tirelessly to fight for the employees of Mountain Family and provide the best possible HR experience she can. I know that many would agree, when I say how comfortable and welcomed Devon always makes you feel. She is a true woman of empathy, compassion, and love- coupled with an amazing work ethic and “get it done” attitude. Devon is beyond deserving of this award. She is always working after hours, showing up ahead of time, and devoting her time to be there for the staff at MFHC. I know how much Devon loves her job and the people that she serves, and it shows. I am so proud to be Devon’s co-worker, teammate, and friend.” –Alexis States