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“I saw a patient on Monday who told me a story about her daughter who had a baby a month ago. The woman had to have a c section due to complications during labor. She went home as usual a few days later. Within the week of discharge from the hospital, however, the woman began to have abdominal cramping that continued to worsen. Eventually she went to the ER for evaluation and was found to have a perforation in her uterus and bowel that occurred during the c section. She was developing an infection and required a second surgery. The woman was re-hospitalized and had to be separated from her baby for 9 days. She could not breastfeed her baby, she could not snuggle her 5-day old newborn for a precious 9 days. My patient told me her daughter was devastated that she could not breastfeed as she had done with her 2 other pregnancies. The daughter was struggling with sadness. Immediately, I scheduled an appointment for the baby and woman to see if we could help.

Today we saw the woman and baby. It was incredible to see the care we provided to this family. This is what makes MFHC truly so special. First, the mom and baby were seen by Dr Roques who was a miracle maker. She was able to get the baby to latch on the nipple for breastfeeding. There still will be a long road ahead to determine if the team of mom and babe can breastfeed but Dr Roques was able to give the mom hope and confidence. She is scheduled again to see Dr Roques in 2 days for further education and support. Second, Barb met with the mom and baby. Barb was able to provide guidance of how to cope with such grief and loss of missing those vital 9 days during the newborn period. Lastly, Nataly met with the mom to again review and support breastfeeding. 

I know the mom and baby left the clinic feeling a renewed energy for the future. Thank you Dr Maria Roques, Barb Corcoran, and Nataly Meraz for the outstanding care you provided to this family. ”