Michelle Rios-Mariposa

Nominated by: Diane Purse

Michelle is a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail is excellent. She has attained a knowledge base for our many services in Edwards; Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Adult Medicine and Title X. Her knowledge of Procedures, and the supplies and paperwork necessary set her skills well above the normal expectations. You know she is serving a “starring role in serving our patients”.

Her cooperative and kind communication skills make her a great role model for others. She treats everyone; patients and coworkers alike, with dignity and respect. She makes patients feel comfortable from the start, always asking about their families and their health. She can often be seen helping team members by supporting their learning, always with a kind word and “you can do it” attitude.

Her skill set is excellent. She follows guidelines and policies, always. She is quick to volunteer for difficult procedures and honest to request help when she is unfamiliar with a procedure. She is reliable in her work, there is never a need to see if she has completed all tasks requested or as a standard of care, as they are already completed, charted and shared with a patient or parent.

Her history taking skills provide pertinent information. Patients also feel comfortable sharing concerns and social issues with Michelle. This is what sets Michelle apart. She is always willing to make the referrals to the appropriate team member if the person would like assistance with their discussed struggles. It never matters how busy she is, she always finds the time for the patient to have the time to share.

Michelle’s optimistic and positive attitude make her a great team member. I am thankful to work beside her. I am happy to nominate her for the Mariposa award.