By Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family is committed to bringing quality, accessible and affordable health care to the communities we serve. We are excited to introduce Health Solutions, a new program at Mountain Family for employers to consider for their workforce. Health Solutions is a membership program built within Mountain Family offering access to our primary medical, dental and behavioral health services.  No co-pays, no deductibles, access to care as needed.  A monthly membership fee is all the employer pays for each employee and/or dependents.

Why consider Health Solutions?

  • Employers who are not able to offer health care benefits to their employees due to cost.  Health Solutions offers an option for employers large and small.
  • Seasonal or part-time employees who may not be eligible for employer-offered health benefits.  Health Solutions provides an affordable primary care option.
  • Employee’s dependents where costs may not be affordable.  Health Solutions provides an option for dependents.

What services do I receive with my membership?Health Solutions offers access to the following services at any of our integrated health center locations in Basalt, Edwards, Glenwood Springs and Rifle. 

Health Solutions Membership Fees
Monthly Membership Fee:

  1. Employee (EE) only = $135
  2. EE + Spouse = $235 ($135 EE + $100 spouse)
  3. EE + Child = $195 ($60/child)
  4. Family = $295 ($135/EE + $100/spouse + $60/child)

Monthly Dependent-Only Membership Fee:

  • Employee only = N/A
  • Spouse only = $135
  • Child only (under age 18) = $80 per child
  • Spouse and child only = $195 ($135/spouse + $60 per child)

To enroll, please contact Health Solutions Executive Director Scott Owens at 970-928-1716 or healthsolutions@mountainfamily.org.