Katie Galaviz, right, with Dr. Kent Petrie in 2019. Credit Dr. Petrie

By Mountain Family Health Centers

When Medical Assistant Katie Galaviz recently joined Mountain Family Health Centers, Dr. Kent Petrie shared the following message: “Our new Medical Assistant, Katie, is one of my babies! Here are a couple of “then” and “now” pictures.”

Katie was born in 1999 to Lucy Ruiz and Cesar Galaviz. She decided to work with Mountain Family partially because of her family’s connection to Dr. Petrie.

“I was interested to start working with Mountain Family Health Centers because I would be able to start my career as a Medical Assistant,” says Katie. “When I told my mom I was going to work at Mountain Family, she was super excited for me because she was aware that Dr. Petrie worked there, which made me excited as well.” Welcome back, Katie.