By David Ressler, Chief Executive Officer, Aspen Valley Hospital

Aspen Valley Hospital is a proud partner of Mountain Family Health Centers. We provided space for their original Basalt clinic and are now, along with Pitkin County, providing the building for the new Basalt health center, which opened this past January. On behalf of Aspen Valley Hospital, I urge the Roaring Fork Valley community to ensure all our neighbors, family and friends have access to high-quality, integrated primary medical, behavioral and dental health care by contributing to Mountain Family’s Building Health for All capital campaign.

At Aspen Valley Hospital, we are focused on assuring our community is well cared for, with a continuum of physical and mental health care services available to all residents and visitors in our district. We are committed to improving the health and lives of every person in our community through access to the best, most comprehensive local healthcare services possible. Our partnership with Mountain Family Health Centers is an important part of this vision.

Mountain Family provides integrated health care in one health care home in Basalt. They provide services we are not able to, such as preventative and restorative dental care. And they provide services to the under and uninsured residents of our valley.

Health care in our community and across the nation is at a crossroads. We must focus on access to high quality care for all, controlling costs and improving population health.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure this happens. I urge you to give generously to Mountain Family Health Center’s Building Health for All campaign for the Basalt integrated health center. Together, we can ensure this valuable community asset is available and ready to help transform the health status of everyone in our community.

Please visit Mountain Family’s website or call Garry Schalla, Mountain Family’s Development Director, at 970-318-8018 to make your donation today.

David Ressler is Chief Executive Officer of Aspen Valley Hospital. Aspen Valley Hospital’s mission is to deliver extraordinary healthcare in an environment of excellence, compassion and trust.