By Karen Torres, RN, BSN, Rifle Staff Nurse

Epilepsy is a disorder causing recurrent seizures which happens when there are abnormal electrical impulses through the brain. It is estimated that 1% of the population is affected with a form of epilepsy. There are different types of seizures. A person with epilepsy can have one or multiples types of seizures.

Epileptic seizures are commonly controlled with medications. Treatment depends on various factors like the frequency and type or seizures and the overall health of theperson. Diet modifications can also be made to help control seizures. It is very important to be well informed regarding the diagnosis and often times get psychological treatment to help cope with epilepsy.

There are different organizations that help with education regarding epilepsy both for the individuals themselves as well as their families. These organizations can help improve daily activities and assist families with financial and emotional resources. The Epilepsy Foundation helps with education, resources for families suffering with the diagnosis, and fundraising money for research and future treatment innovations.
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