Maria Jasmine Leal BH Advocate

Congratulations Jasmine Leal, Behavioral Health Advocate Lead!

“Jasmine has been an invaluable member of the BH team in Rifle. She has been our point person for getting patients into BH services during the staffing shortage. She is kind and caring with patients and staff. She often spends additional time with patients in need whether it’s during a crisis in the clinic or to advocate for services. She does this every day with a smile and positive attitude. I’m most impressed with her compassion when dealing with patients. She truly is a gem and deserving of the Mariposa award.”

Corrinne Johnson, PA-C, Physician Assistant

“Jasmine has been a stalworth for the BH dept. Even though there hasn’t been a BH provider at the Rifle clinic, she continues to complete BH introductions, work side by side with the MAs, providers, and nurses at the clinic. She also helps manages tasks throughout the organization for the BH dept. She has always been gracious, friendly, diligent, with a wonderful sense of humor, and a work ethic beyond comparison. On top of all her duties, she managed to earn her MA certificate as well as attending college at the same time. Her work ethic is beyond reproach! Jasmine is a pillar for the BH dept and we are all very happy and grateful that she continues to keep us all in line!”

Gary Schreiner, Behavioral Health Director

“Jasmine is committed to excellence in her work and high expectations for patient care. We are very lucky to have her on our BH team and she has been a crucial part of our team in Rifle as we struggle to fill our provider positions.”

Barbra Corcoran, LCSW, Behavioral Health Project Manager

“There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how grateful I am to have Jasmine on our team. Jasmine is such a hard worker and is always going out of her way to help the BH department. She has an amazing ability to bring both joy and humor to the clinic while still being extremely professional and driven. She has been so helpful in helping me transition to my new role, she always seems to have the answer to every question, and is always working to improve systems in our department. The world (and Mountain Family!) is a better place because of people like Jasmine.”

Anne Edgecombe, Behavioral Health Program Manager