By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations to Cathy Lettice, Registered Dental Hygienist, for winning the February 2019 Mariposa Award! Cathy sees patients at our Avon School-Based Health and other Mountain Family Health Centers locations. Cathy was nominated by Edwards & Avon Clinic Operations Manager Michael Alevizon, Rachel Hickman, FNP, and Medical Assistant Anya Martinez. Congratulations, Cathy! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to providing excellent care for Mountain Family patients.

Cathy is an exceptional employee and a great example of all that Mountain Family stands for. Cathy is able to adapt to new situations with dental [services] being opened in the Edwards clinic, while still thriving in our Avon clinic… Cathy has been working hand to hand with our community by being present on the MIRA bus and being an advocate of Mountain Family’s dental, medical and behavioral health services to local families. Great Job, Cathy, on being an outstanding employee of Mountain Family.” – Anya Martinez, Medical Assistant, Avon/Edwards

“Cathy really excels at providing integrated health care for our patients. Through the SMILES dental clinic [at the Avon School-Based Health Center in Avon Elementary School] she has provided MUCH needed dental care to so many children, she is MFHC’s primary dental care provider east of [Glenwood] Canyon! During her outreach on the MIRA bus, she has brought in so many families for dental care… and they return for our other services as well. She is forward-thinking and persistent with regards to sources and opportunities for outreach in our community. I value working next to Cathy, she is an experienced, competent hygienist and a valuable resource for Mountain Family Health Centers.” – Rachel Hickman, FNP, Avon School-Based Health Center

“Cathy goes beyond helping her patients with regular dental care. She is constantly making phone calls to other facilities to help patents without insurance get acute dental care that we cannot provide in the Avon School-Based Health Center. She is always willing to help market the Avon School-Based Health Center outside of her working hours, whether that requires staying late for school events or helping out on weekends at the Soccer Tent. Cathy truly cares about her patients’ overall well-being.” – Michael Alevizon, Avon & Edwards Clinic Operations Manager