Exemplary Care Providers

April 2023: McKenzie Rieder, CPNP-PC

I am thrilled to nominate McKenzie Rieder for her excellent care of a 5-year-old patient that she saws just a few weeks ago. This new patient presented to the Rifle Integrated Health Center for ankle pain after they had already presented once to the ER. The patient was discharged with precautions for conservative management of an acute ankle injury and close follow up. At the time that McKenzie saw this patient, they had developed a fever and were more ill-appearing. McKenzie referred them back to the ER and suggested that this time their evaluation include an MRI given her ankle exam, now with fever.

Even though the MRI was completed and showed changes in the patient’s ankle joint, the patient was discharged home having been diagnosed with a viral illness. In learning about this diagnosis via a follow-up call, McKenzie became very concerned. She was convinced that the patient’s fever was related to their ankle pain and consulted Children Hospital directly. Based on this consult, the patient was referred directly to Children’s Hospital, admitted, and ultimately treated for osteomyelitis. Having spent years on an orthopedic floor, McKenzie was able to apply a specific intuition and knowledge to this case. That, coupled with close follow-up meant that this child got ultimately received exemplary care. I am sure that family was particularly impressed with and grateful for McKenzie’s persistence.

–Kaitlin Kropf, CPNP-PC, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and Kendra Nagey, CPNP-PC, School-Based Health Center Site Medical Director

May 2023: Ashley Buckberg, AGPCNP, and the entire Glenwood Springs Team

Early in March at the Glenwood Springs Integrated Health Center, I observed excellent and exemplary patient care. The last patient of that particular day was a woman who had been through quite a lot in the previous 6 months. At that visit, she was diagnosed with new onset type two diabetes and needed to start insulin. Right around 6PM, Ashley led the coordination of care for this patient. Despite the late hour, our patient saw us at our best. Stephany, RN, stayed to provide new DM and insulin teaching. Marita stayed to distribute insulin, lancets, a glucose monitor, and strips (after fixing prescriptions that weren’t originally sent in correctly for the supplies needed). Val and Daisy stayed to take care of all of her labs and necessary scheduling. Through it all, no one complained, and everyone really showed up to support this patient, who was understandably upset about this new diagnosis. It was such a beautiful example of our integrated care and I’m so proud of everyone for giving 110%.

–Anneliese Heckert, DO, Co-Chief Medical Officer and Glenwood Springs Site Medical Director