Exemplary Care Providers for HealthBeat (1)

May: Audrey Fisher, DDS; Molli Carpenter, RN; Natasha Ellwood, PA-C; Maddie Nielslanik, PA-C

This very delicate situation, which began with a patient in the dental chair, might have ended an entirely different way if not for Dr. Fisher, Molli, Natasha, and Maddie coming together as a team. Dr. Fisher was seeing a new patient in the dental chair who simply wasn’t looking or feeling very well. She astutely grabbed medical. 

After Molli, Natasha and Maddie evaluated the patient and got vitals, they realized he was trending towards being unstable and immediately called EMS. When EMS arrived, they were able to get an EKG showing V-tach!!!! He was whisked away to the ER with a myocardial infarction (MI) where he could be stabilized and receive emergency care beyond our capacity. We are beyond grateful for the professionalism each our staff showed in this intense situation and wish the patient well continued health and care.

-Anneliese Heckert, DO, Co-Chief Medical Officer and Rifle Site Medical Director

June: Adriene Fedde, MD

I would like to nominate Dr. Fedde for exemplary care this month.   It’s difficult to pick just one example of the outstanding care she provides because it seems she has a new complex case every day.  From brain abscesses to delusional parasitosis to more than one case of dextrocardia, she has seen it all.  We are constantly getting positive feedback from patients about the compassionate, comprehensive care Dr. Fedde provides.  It is obvious that she cares deeply for the work she does and goes the extra mile for her patients.  We were lucky to have her join our team almost 2 years ago, and we want to honor her for the extraordinary work she does!

-Emily Borkovec, PA-C, Basalt Site Medical Director

July: Katie Forman, LCSW

I would like to nominate Katie Forman, BHP for the exemplary care award.  GWS has had multiple patient encounters recently where Katie was able to come in, assess and counsel the patient.  The first patient walked in very upset after the recent and unexpected death of their child.  In addition, the patient had relapsed after 3 years of sobriety.  Katie was called in by one of our wonderful nurses (shoutout to Wynette) and was able to talk to the patient and help process the recent death and relapse.  She also followed up with him after the visit.  We then had a patient that came in with a possible psychotic break, they were referred from Aspen Hope for evaluation.  Katie met with the patient and his brother, was able to do immediate assessment and get the patient to West Springs for evaluation and treatment.   I get wonderful feedback from patients about Katie and how helpful she is in their treatment.   Thank you, Katie!

Megan Voss, PA-C