Kelly Ketzenbarger RN GWS

She saw a complex care patient with me who was just released from the hospital where he was treated for multiple chronic conditions. He was found to have chronic bilateral foot wounds which were dressed at the hospital two days prior and was referred to the wound clinic but had yet to go. He was having difficulty changing the dressings so his feet were a mess and he was unable to weight bear dur to pain. He and his partner were homeless, living out of their car which he drove over Independence Pass to get here. He was brought back in a wheelchair. Last patient of the day, Kelly spent a great deal of time doing an excellent dressing change, to include padding so he could ambulate. She also gave them websites and phone numbers to call for housing for the night. Her incredible care after a busy day is a truly admirable. We are so fortunate to have Kelly on our team.

Sandy Deveny, MD