Adam Hallin PA.C PNG

Congratulations Adam Hallin, PA-C

“I want to nominate Adam for his great work earlier this month providing compassionate, empathetic care to an elderly patient who came to establish care with him. This patient was the first of the day, and he was already agitated when Adam came through the door. This patient was frustrated about his recent experience with MFHC, seeing PRNs a few times and not really feeling like anyone was following his health since the departure of Mary Patterson earlier in the summer. To complicate matters, the patient is hard of hearing, and amidst the Omicron surge he was frustrated that he could not read Adam’s lips given the need to both wear masks at this high risk time. Instead of putting his guard up Adam explained calmly that masks were needed, and offered to write down anything the patient was having difficulty hearing, or change to a phone visit. The patient expressed his dissatisfaction with changes in the GWS clinic recently and instead of going on the defensive Adam again calmly said, “I’m so sorry we’ve disappointed you, I’m looking forward to getting to know you so we can have your trust again and take good care of you.” That level of de-escalation in a tense situation from a new provider really deserves attention, because it is not easy to remain collected when faced with patients who are upset about things you have no control over. I want to thank Adam for handling this situation, and many others that have been handed to him, with grace and a willingness to meet patients where they are and then move forward. I also want to give my appreciation to all the providers and staff who have joined MFHC in the last year or so when things have been so tough, often encountering similar patients who are upset and disappointed. All of you are working to make MFHC a better place for patients and for staff each day as we resolve our growing pains. Congrats to Adam on his Exemplary Care Award this month. I am so grateful to work with you!”

– Nominated by Anneliese Heckert, January 2022