Lauren Philmus PAC

Congratulations Lauren Philmus PAC

“Many of you may not know Lauren, but she is a PA who has been working with us for almost a year PRN. Lauren has a job working Urgent Care in the Edwards area but enjoys working with our patients and is typically in the GWS clinic 1-2 times a month. Recently, Lauren had a great case which really shows her value as an acute care provider. One of my patients who I am just getting to know recently came in for a well visit to check vitamin levels given she has a history of gastric bypass. The patient presented to Lauren 1 week after an ER visit for epigastric pain, which can be common in patients after bypass. However, after discussion with the patient Lauren got more history than the ER had obtained, learned she was having symptoms concerning for a GI bleed, had a history of bleeding ulcers less than one year ago, and needed urgent evaluation. Lauren sent the patient directly to ER where she had extensive surgery later that day for volvulus, which is twisting of the stomach, and a partial resection of her small bowel. This was a really tricky presentation, and someone who had just been to ER, but Lauren did the right thing and trusted her gut to send the patient right back for more evaluation, which certainly saved her life. We are so grateful to have Lauren working with us. Great work!”

– Anneliese Heckert, DO, Co-Chief Medical Officer, Site Medical Director – Glenwood Springs