For her generous and decisive leadership and commitment to the CHC mission, we are pleased to present Annette Franta with the CHAMPS Exceptional Administrative Leadership Award.

CHAMPS was honored to recognize our 2021 CHAMPS Awardees during a virtual Awards Ceremony on Monday, November 22, 2021. Each year, these awards allow CHAMPS to recognize exceptional contributions to the health center community, focusing on outstanding advocacy, leadership, and dedication to the health center mission.

Annette has been the Chief Financial Officer at Mountain Family Health Centers since 2005, paving a path for innovation and critical thinking. As CFO, Annette is responsible for fiscal management, including the Patient Accounts, Outreach and Enrollment, Finance, and Facilities Departments. Previously, Annette was the Finance Director at Mind Springs Health, and she consulted with a national firm coordinating fiscal management for local governments in the West.

Annette is solid, reliable, sensible, and smart. She participates on multiple committees hosted by Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN), including their Payment Reform Committee and Rates Work Group, and she was chair of the CCHN Fiscal Section for three years. Annette listens carefully to committee discussions and contributes her ideas based on analyses she has already run for Mountain Family; her practical and fact-based contributions are often what’s needed to drive decisions and agreements.

As Polly Anderson, Vice President of Strategy and Financing at CCHN, included in her nomination, “Annette is one of the first CFOs I go to when I’m trying to understand something about CHC financing or cost reporting. She is always generous with her time and explains things in a way that non-financial people can grasp. She is a big picture thinker that helps us balance what is correct with what is good for patients, and this always helps us move complex decisions forward. And she is both fun and funny to boot – a real pleasure to work with.”