dr matt percy

by Dr. Matt Percy

To mark my 35th trip around the sun, I decided to get a mullet! I know mullets are great conversation starters and I figured I should use those conversations for good. I also know there are strong feelings both pro and anti mullet (I am obviously in the “pro” camp). With all that said, I am pleased to announce that I will be using my mullet to raise money for Mountain Family Health Centers, an organization I am proud to work for. Our mission is to provide high quality, integrated primary medical, behavioral, and dental health care in the communities we serve, with special consideration for the medically underserved, regardless of ability to pay. Your donation will help our mission and also help to close out the capital campaign for our new clinic in Basalt, CO. More info on Mountain Family at:

Here’s where you come in. If you have strong feelings on either side of the mullet issue, you can vote with your donation to control how long I keep it! I am currently planning to keep the mullet March 1- May 1, but you can move the needle on the end date. At the end of March I’ll tally up the amount of money given to keep the mullet and the amount given to cut it. For each percentage point of difference in donations I’ll either keep a day longer or cut a day sooner. For example, if 10% more is donated in the pro mullet camp, I’ll keep it 10 days longer (Fingers crossed it goes that way!)

If you want your vote to count towards keeping the mullet longer, use this link to donate:

If you want me to cut it ASAP use this link:

Thanks for considering and let the games begin!

Please note: Fundly does take a small cut of the donation. if you don’t care one way or the other about the mullet and just want to donate to this great cause, I’d recommend donating directly through the mountain family website listed above by clicking on the donate button in the top ribbon.