Storie Marchant Site Practice Director Basalt

Since I got here Storie has been a huge resource due to her knowledge of MA workflows and NextGen, and it has been great to see her growth into the Practice Director role. And while I’ve always known I can rely on Storie to be consistent and reliable, she has gone above and beyond in relation to COVID. Last spring she took ownership of coordinating with the Roaring Fork School District and some additional partners for COVID vaccine clinics at high schools and middle schools. Storie coordinated the events at two schools last spring and when it came to coordinating clinics this fall for even more schools the district asked that she coordinate the events for ALL of their schools. I’m sure there were many factors in the decision to coordinate with only MFHC and not other partners, but Storie’s attention to detail, communication with the school staff, and efficiency in the clinics she ran was definitely a large part of it. The end results was an amazing feat that Storie organized and lead: in 6 days she and a small team ran vaccine clinics in 12 different schools throughout the Roaring Fork district and vaccinated around 600 people (numbers still being tallied!). Additionally, the team will do this same drill again in December for the second dose and our community will be safer because of the incredible efforts that Storie put in to make sure that everything was in place and ran smoothly.

– Marija Weeden

Storie has gone above and beyond over the past few months to coordinate with the schools in anticipation of the COVID vaccine receiving approval for kids ages 5-11. She has worked tirelessly to schedule vaccine clinic days in the schools, coordinate staffing, and transport supplies. She and Jocelyn were at the clinic every day for 2 weeks loading supplies at 7 am. Meanwhile, she continues to be responsive to emails, clinic requests, and all of her normal duties as practice manager.

This is not the first time Storie has taken on such a task.  She has been organizing vaccine clinics since we started giving them earlier this year.  She has given countless hours of her time to this effort and truly deserves recognition.

Storie has stepped up into her role as practice manager with grace and ease. We appreciate her every day!

– Emily Borkovec

I would like to nominate Storie for so many reasons, but to keep it short and sweet would be because she is a true believer and follower of MFHC’s Mission.

She works endless hours to make sure that the BA Clinic is running smoothly and even helps other clinics. Storie as a PM and Supervisor always has an open door and is always willing to listen to her fellow colleagues and making sure we are good to go.

Not only that but Storie has made an amazing effort to reach out to the community and to be able to vaccinate so many kids from 5-11 and even others for their first, second and booster. Storie made the school clinics flow flawless and even made it fun!

For myself personally she makes me want to keep coming to work everyday because she is a leader and always lending a hand when we need it.

– Jocelyn Vega

She has such a calm, competent presence and has accomplished so much for the Basalt clinic. She is a great listener and takes the time to understand the details of whatever question or concern I bring to her. Through her work on our vaccine clinics, as well as building a partnership with Pitkin County Health and Human Services, she shows how much she cares about our patients and our community. Thank you, Storie!

– Sara Jacobs

She has been such an inspiration with the way she has assembled and executed all the COVID clinics. Her leadership is impressive, handling a variety of challenging situations with schools and administration with grace. Storie advocated for us when situations were not ideal for vaccinations and was successful in shifting them for a positive outcome. Because of her, we have vaccinated over 1500 people in our community against COVID! She is so kind and supportive as a manager. As someone who has worked lots of jobs, to have a supervisor see me as a human and an equal- not just an employee- has solidified my commitment to Mountain Family and pushed me to pursue a full-time role here. I believe she is the epitome of Mountain Family values and it is an honor to come and work with her.

– Ashley Buckberg