Please join us in celebrating Mountain Family’s 2022 Advocacy, Clinical, and Executive (ACE) scholar recipients: Karen Torres, Tania Avitia, Jackie Marshall, Kathy Yost, and Jocelyn Vega. 

MFHC’s ACE scholars will be the first class of MFHC staff who will serve on MFHC’s Executive Team for the coming year, helping to define the strategic direction of our organization with input from all staff and service delivery sites across Mountain Family.  In addition, ACE scholars will advocate for Mountain Family’s patients, staff, organization, and communities over the coming year with our state and federal elected officials, including advocating at the State Capitol this coming March 2022.

The inaugural class of ACE scholars includes talented staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including leading medical assistants, dental assistants, registered nurses, quality improvement gurus, and payroll experts.  ACE scholars were chosen for their extraordinary commitment to Mountain Family’s patients, their passion for supporting the wellbeing of all staff, their vision for deepening equity in our communities, and their energy for advocating with our elected officials.  In addition, each ACE scholar received robust letters of support from their supervisor and/or local leadership teams.

Click on the links below to read each of the 2022 ACE scholars’ essays and letters of support describing their interest in serving on MFHC’s Executive Team and advocating at the State Capitol. I hope you’ll take the time to read through each of our ACE scholars inspiring statements and letters of support.

Some of my favorite quotes from our ACE scholars include:

Karen Torres, RN, BSN – Rifle

Karen Torres: To be chosen as an Advocacy, Clinical, and Executive (ACE) Scholar at Mountain Family would be a privilege. This would be an opportunity for learning, for new experiences, for building connections, and more importantly, to support the root mission and vision of our organization. It would be an opportunity for the nurse, the educator, the community member, and the leader in me to collaborate with others to improve the quality care of the patients, families, and communities we serve. Click HERE to read Karen’s essay.

Tania Avitia, Lead MA, CCMA – GWS

Tania Avitia: I have known MFHC since I was a little girl as a patient, and now as an employee. I started with the company as a dental assistant in a program that was new, with trust from my supervisor I was able to succeed in my role. My supervisor then pushed me to become a Medical Assistant and I quickly became the lead. Throughout all this time I have learned how to voice my opinion and formulate decisions that best support my team. Leadership was not something that came easy to me, but MFHC has taught me to grow for those who depend on me. Click HERE to read Tania’s essay.

Jackie Marshall – Quality and Risk Coordinator

Jackie Marshall: My tenure with Mountain Family Health Center goes back to 2004. I’m passionate about our mission and believe in it to the fullest. I have a history of not saying no to any challenge that comes my way as I am committed to the organization. I would be honored to attend the monthly Executive Team meetings, to listen, learn and give my thoughts. I’ve always wanted to attend one of the State Capitol Sessions to lobby for the people that matter most, those we serve! Click HERE to read Jackie’s essay

Kathy Yost, Payroll Administrator

Kathy Yost: I have been an employee with Mountain Family Health for 15 years and have seen many changes within the organization behind the scenes. I think that my position as Payroll Administrator could offer some extra knowledge that could be used in many aspects of our executive decisions and communications. I may be a one-person department but feel it is a very important part of Mountain Family. I would love to be part of the Executive Team meetings and functions. Click HERE to read Kathy’s essay.

Jocelyn Vega – Front desk

Jocelyn Vega: I believe in our mission, and I fully support it. I have a passion for helping not only our patients but also my co-workers. I want to be able to help our patients receive affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health care. Patients at Mountain Family are one of a kind and I enjoy helping patients get the care they need. Click HERE to read Jocelyn’s essay.

Congratulations to Jocelyn, Kathy, Jackie, Tania, and Karen for being selected as MFHC’s 2022 ACE scholars.