Sydney Head shot

Initially, I became a patient at Mountain Family when I was under-insured, in-between jobs and new to the valley.

I continued as a patient because I always felt respected, heard and helped during my appointments. I also stayed as a patient because I appreciated that the typical waiting room scene included my neighbors, Latinos, elders and newborns alike. They all felt respected, heard and helped, too.

The integrated model served me well especially at the intersection of behavioral and physical health. As we all know, when one slips, so too does the other. 

Having the beginning of every appointment routinely include a behavioral health screener creates a unique opportunity to keep mental and behavioral health issues top of mind and de-stigmatized. 

Thanks to Mountain Family, I know that every other patient is seeing that those screeners are not different from taking one’s temperature or blood pressure, and just like those well-known, routine tests, the screener also gives your provider a deeper understanding of why one might be in their office. 

I joined the Board in order to support others who might be un- or under insured – regardless of the multitude of reasons – who want access to care that covers your whole person and understands the intersectionality of the social determinants of health. 

Serving as the Board Chair Elect and a patient gives me the opportunity to care for others by caring for the organization. Regardless of one’s ability to pay, access to health insurance or documentation status, Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers, like Mountain Family, ensure that each patient feels respected, heard and helped. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers.

– Sydney Schalit, MFHC Chair-Elect Board Member & Patient