I want to nominate Marija Weeden for the Mariposa Award. She has really been the driving force behind so many new ventures at Mountain Family in the last year. I don’t know what we would have done without her leadership and support. I know for a fact that she is going to hate this recognition, I can see the look on her face in my head as I write this but she deserves this 10 times over. She works seamlessly with towards new goals and between departments and agencies to ensure at the end of the day, our team is supported and prepared so we can support our community. I am always grateful for her comradery and decisive decision making skills.. my team is grateful for her baking skills, and all of us should be grateful for her resiliency and dedication to making Mountain Family equitable and prosperous. In addition, Marija has been nominated a bunch and she does not like public recognition. However; I don’t care. I want to add to my nomination that she comes and babysits my clinics when I am in Edwards and has become just a familiar face that they are now comfortable roasting her as much as they do me. She walks the talk and it’s so awesome to see the staff get excited when she comes in.

by Amanda Canete

I have found Marija to be an excellent leader, manager, transparent and honest. Her commitment to MFHC and our patients is evident daily in her actions and follow through. It is refreshing to work with someone that places our mission and values above personal agendas and supports and recognizes her staff routinely without hesitation.

by Art Fernandez

Marija has been a rock during COVID and COVID vaccine clinics. She has been such a great volunteer on our Basalt Vaccine Clinic days, directing traffic, checking on patients and of course bringing the snacks 😊 Marija is always willing to help and answer any questions that we may have COVID related or not. I know speaking for the whole Basalt Clinic, Marija has been an amazing volunteer and is always making us smile and laugh. We appreciate everything she has done for us!

by Jocelyn Vega

Miss Marija Weeden is a leader that makes you feel valued, important and empowered. From the moment she arrived at MFHC, I knew she would be great for our organization and community. When thinking of what it means to be a Mariposa Award Recipient I truly think of her amazing characteristics. She is constantly tending to the “little” things that truly make a difference and searching for ways for everyone to improve. She doesn’t shy away from lending a hand and always keeps the environment fun and positive. I appreciate her leadership and above all else, her support for our staff and patients. Thank you Marija for all you do. You are deserving of this award.

by Devon Spaulding