Karen Miller Accounts Payable Clerk 2

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations, Karen Miller, for winning the August 2019 Mariposa Award. Karen is our Senior Account Manager and was nominated by Chief Financial Officer Annette Franta, Advocacy Coordinator Danyelle Rigli, Finance Director Steven Leazer and Payroll Specialist Kathy Yost.

“I would like to nominate Karen Miller for this award because she is our finance ROCK! Karen came back to Mountain Family for her second round and decided to take a shot at working with the Finance Department. From the first day, she jumped right in and was such a great help to me. At that time, I was handling both Payroll and Accounts Payable. I slowly started handing her more and more Accts Payable and as you all know NOW she is awesome! She has always been my Pollyanna to my Cruella and we have created an awesome two brains. She has become a great asset to all employees when it comes to accounting issues and is great at helping with any payroll issues also. She continues to expand her Accounting knowledge outside of her work schedule to be able to help our company even more. I am so glad to have her as my teammate, my friend and my Pollyanna!” – Kathy Yost

“Karen is always a ray of sunshine walking around the office. She treats everyone at Mountain Family with the utmost respect and kindness.  I’ve heard her on many a phone call with vendors and she is patient and kind even when it sounds as though she is getting the runaround.  She is knowledgeable about so many parts of the organization and helps different departments find answers every day. She’s a kooky lady who likes to sing Christmas songs, even in May, and she is quick to laugh and make others join in. I appreciate her perspective and professionalism.” –  Danyelle Rigli

“I nominate Karen Miller for the Mariposa Award as a well deserving candidate for this recognition.  Not only does Karen bring her best to work every day, she pushes through and puts on a smile and friendly “how can I help you” response even on days when she’s not feeling her best.  As part of the Finance team, there are few opportunities for Karen to interact with our patients, but she knows well that our employees are her customers and treats everyone with dignity and respect.  I challenge anyone to share an experience with Karen when she was anything other than patient and kind.

“Karen embodies the characteristics of the six principles and goes above and beyond the duties of her job description daily. She is always looking for a more efficient way to perform her responsibilities without sacrificing accuracy or completeness.  Those of us who know her well, know there is nothing less than perfection that Karen accepts from herself, she is truly her worse critic.  Karen is a great asset to MFHC and the Finance team, she makes everyone’s job easier by constantly learning, sharing responsibilities, and picking up extra work when others are out or need a hand.  Her time management skills keep us all on track.  Thank you, Karen, for sharing your time and talents with MFHC!” – Annette Franta

“Karen embodies the 6 principles of Mountain Family Health Centers. It’s simply a delight to work with Karen.  She emphasizes team work, service, communication and organization. Evidence of these fine attributes include detailed transition of work during her (well deserved) PTO as well as selfless coverage of other colleagues’ work during their PTO. Others have been quick to mention to me how fast Karen is at responding to their accounts payable, employee reimbursement and grant invoicing questions. Karen takes on a significant workload and handles it with grace. She spent hours preparing and delivering difficult fiscal audit requests. As tiring as that may have been, Karen’s attitude did not waver, instead she was focused on helping the team, which is a true sign of who Karen is at her core.” – Steven Leazer