Donate Life Colorado

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family’s Broc Brown has a personal passion for organ and tissue donation. Broc is Clinical Operations Manager for the Glenwood Springs health center. Fifteen years ago, his young daughter passed away. In 2003, at 17 months, her organ and tissue donations made the difference between life or death for several recipients. Her kidneys were accepted by an adult male in Philadelphia, her liver was received by a 2-year-old girl from Iceland who was on a waitlist, and her heart valves were able to be used by up to six recipients.

Broc and his wife decided to donate their daughter’s organs and tissue because they had previously learned about the life-saving benefits during a work trip. “A big factor for us in deciding to donate,” says Broc, “was hopefully preventing other parents from going through the experience of losing a child.” Since then, he and his wife have become strong advocates for organ and tissue donation.

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