6-April Mariposa- Amanda Canete PM GWS NEW

Nominated by: Wynette Jackson
I have never had a Boss that worked so hard for each of her workers to make sure we have everything we need to succeed in every aspect of our job and life. She has always given her hand out when you need help, a shoulder to cry on just when you need to let it out, ears that intently listen to your problems and tries to work with you to find multiple solutions. She is truly a Jack of all trades and a Master of Everything! I know that her wild nursing family keeps her on her toes but she keeps our intentions true and kind, souls light with laughter, and bellies full lol We love her and appreciate her so much! Thank you for being our Boss Lady of the Crazies!!! Lol

Nominated by: Jacqueline Chavez
Amanda has been our mom, boss, best friend, therapist, etc. She is the ray of sunshine we needed here in Glenwood. No matter how stressed or busy she is she always has time to talk. She knows exactly what to say and do when we are at our breaking points. I have never had a boss who deeply treats me like a valuable employee and takes their time to hear me out. If there are any conflicts around the clinic, she deals with them right away. Amanda is super hard working, to where I have to ask her if she’s mentally okay sometimes. Don’t even get me started on office parties. She will go above and beyond for the clinic’s birthdays, holiday parties, baby showers EVERYTHING. I am so thankful for her; she knows I love her so very much.

P.S: She is killing it at COVID vaccine clinics!! 

Nominated by: Kelly Ketzenbarger
From day one Amanda has given her entire being to making Mountain Family Glenwood the best it can be. She has kept a smile on her face (and the faces of everyone else) despite fights in the parking lot, a dead guy on the front porch, lots of drunk people, neighbors’ houses blowing up, forest fires, snowstorms, a financial turn-around, and, as we all know…COVID. I can’t think of anyone else that could have gotten us through these last 2 MAJOR challenges better than Amanda. She did and has done everything in her power to keep us safe, secure, sane (debatable), and, actually happy.

Amanda has had to respond to numerous (god only knows how many) patient challenges from complaints of strangulation and broken necks to breaking covid vaccine needles in people’s arms. And, yet, Amanda has the integrity, compassion, grace, and some kind of Harry Potter magic to turn bad into good.

And what can I say about Amanda’s MAAAADDD party planning skills???!!! She is always looking for ways to bring light and joy to the workplace. She is absolutely 100% invested in making our jobs FUN! To quote Dale Carnegie, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” She incites,,,no, not violence, but laughter. You can hear laughter in the halls of Glenwood every single day. Amanda has created an environment of hard work and hard fun – an environment that brings out the best in people and, consequently, the best patient care.

Are we perfect in Glenwood? Heck no! But I truly feel that everything we do, we do out of love and, really, how can you go wrong with that? I credit Amanda for this. In a sense, she is the goddess of love …ah, hold on, I may be taking this a bit far…😊

One last thing, Amanda has this keen insight into people’s strengths (another Harry Potter wizardly skill) which she is able to bring out and utilize to the benefit of Mountain Family and, more importantly, to the individual. She has faith in people even when people don’t have faith in themselves (I am just one example).

Thank you, Amanda, for being you.

Nominated by: Wilber Mendez
Amanda is amazing at managing all the productive chaos.
She is calm, cool, and collected and thoughtful.
I appreciate her organization of the entire clinic (except her desk).
I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that my boss supports and appreciates me.
Amanda without a doubt deserves this award and every recognition that comes with being AMAZING every single day.