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by Dr. Casey Aquirre
Time and time again I see Mary providing excellent care and her patients let us know how great she is for MFHC. Not only does she consistently work to care for her patients but is always willing to take an extra shift to help me out when I need a break. I appreciate her desire to improve as a provider and her willingness to get better. Recently she took care of a very ill patient which assuredly was uncomfortable for her to see, but she worked through the challenge and helped the patient get the care he needed. Thanks Mary, I really love and care about you!

by Dr. Matt Percy
I am the PCP for a patient, whose husband sees Mary Patterson for her care. During a recent visit the patient was raving to me about the excellent care that Mary provided to her husband. She was particularly touched that last summer while her husband was in the hospital Mary called each day to check in on him. It was clear that Mary had made a big impact on the wife as she was still talking about it months later. This is just one of many examples I’ve heard over the years of Mary’s excellent care. Thanks for going above and beyond for our patients Mary! Thank you Mary for all you do!