Storie Evans Certified Lead MA 8.18 (2)

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Congratulations Storie Evans, CMA, for winning the April 2019 Mariposa Award. Storie is Lead Medical Assistant for our Glenwood Springs health center.

Storie received these words of praise for her work with Mountain Family Health Centers:

“…No matter the task at hand, Storie always offers to assist. There have been countless days where she has graciously come in on her days off to cover and train. When new medical team members are added to the organization, she is always willing to train our new staff…” – Devon Spaulding, HR Generalist

“Storie has grown and shows strong consistent leadership in Glenwood Springs. She is always positive and supportive of staff, coming in on her day off or going to other clinics to fill in. She has a kind helpful presence and always listens to the needs of staff members… Storie is a bright light and dedicated Mountain Family Health Centers team player who deserves a shout out and recognition of the Mariposa award. Thank you Storie for all you do and bring to Mountain Family.” – Jolene Singer, Integrated Care Director