Cristal Otero-Chavez, Myrna Fletchall, and Reyna De Los Santos.

By Mountain Family Health Centers

The winners of the January Mariposa Award are Reyna De Los Santos, Cristal Otero-Chavez and Myrna Fletchall, of Mountain Family’s Billing Department. They’ve been pulling double duty recently, and we appreciate their hard work.

“I would like to nominate the Billing Department for the Mariposa Award, they have been awesome and very flexible covering front desk as we have had a lot of our fellow coworkers out sick. Mountain Family is very lucky to have them and I truly appreciate all their hard work…” – Nayelie Gonzalez

“I would like to nominate the billing team – Myrna Fletchall as Supervisor, Reyna De Los Santos and Cristal Otero-Chavez. These past few months this team has been covering the front desk in all locations. This is a secondary function of their job, but necessary when the other teams are short-handed. What amazes me is that this team ends up working even harder because no one else is around to cover them! Whenever Myrna asks Cristal or Reyna to do extra hours at the front or to volunteer for Outreach events, they do it. Whenever I come to them to finish a special project, they do it. AND at the end of every month, all claims are out the door, payments are entered and balanced and the financial reports are ready to run in a timely manner. I am so proud of this small group of female warriors – patients come first, fiscal responsibility is paramount and helping coworkers is always on their mind.” – Wendy Flottmeyer

“Cristal and Reyna are the most amazing workers partners, I am blessed to have them on my team. They are always willing to help others. They are diligent on their workload. In the past month Reyna and Cristal had been covering the front desk multiple times, I would say at least once a week each one of them. This means that they still must complete their workload even when they are covering the front desk. Cristal and Reyna do not stop to amaze me, even though they are super swamped with the workload they have, they are always willing to help with translations at the clinics… Thank you guys for your hard work.” – Myrna Fletchall

Below, in order of appearance in group photo and individually: Cristal Otero-Chavez, Myrna Fletchall, and Reyna De Los Santos.