Colorado Gives Day Is Here!

December 4, 2017 by Happy Pixel Co0

By Mountain Family Health Centers

Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 5th. When you give to Mountain Family Health Centers through the Colorado Gives website, Mountain Family will earn even more funding. Colorado Gives Day has a $1 million Incentive Fund, to be shared among nonprofits receiving donations on Colorado Gives Day. The more Mountain Family raises, the more we’ll receive from the $1 million-dollar fund, which is made up of contributions by the Community First Foundation and FirstBank.

There are also prizes. Once 10 people have donated to Mountain Family through the Colorado Gives website, Mountain Family becomes eligible for a $25,000 cash prize drawing. When 30 people donate to Mountain Family through the Colorado Gives website–and once we’ve raised more than what we raised last year–we are eligible for a $5,000 cash drawing.

Let’s do this, everyone!

You can see our donation page on the Colorado Gives site by clicking here.

There are other benefits when you donate through Colorado Gives:

Thank you so much to those of you who have already scheduled your donation for today. For more information on giving through Colorado Gives, please see these FAQs.

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