We are very pleased to announce the opening of our newest school based health center, located in the Glenwood Springs High School. We recently had a soft opening and are planning a grand opening celebration for August 24th. Adolescents are traditionally difficult to reach for primary medical, dental and behavioral health care and this clinic provides a new access point for all three health services. Our goal is to reduce barriers to care, ensuring the young people of our community have access to the services they need to thrive. For the summer, we are offering medical services on Tuesday and Thursday and Behavioral health on Thursday and Friday and will look to expand services and availability to coincide with the start of the school year.


National Health Center Week 2021: Celebrating Community Health Center Patients and Boards

National Health Center Week is August 8-14, 2021, and this year we honor the diverse individuals and families who choose Community Health Centers nationwide for their integrated medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare needs.  We honor Community Health Center Boards of Directors nationwide, which by law, are comprised of at least 51% consumers of the Community Health Center’s services.

We honor patients like Monica Perez-Rhodes, Chair of the Board of Directors for Mountain Family Health Centers (MFHC) in Western Colorado.  Monica was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 18.  In 1994, she began working as a dishwasher at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, Colorado.  Over more than 25 years, Monica has grown from the dishwasher position, to reception, to the business office, to today serving as the Controller for the local day/boarding school for high school students.  In 2001, Monica became a citizen of the United States, holding dual citizenship with Mexico.

Monica has served on several community boards, including the Mountain Family Health Centers Board of Directors since 2014.  Monica is the organization’s first Latina Board Chair and has strategically guided the organization’s growth into becoming the integrated medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare home for more than 21,000 patients in Western Colorado.  According to Monica: “Health care should be a human right to us all, not a privilege for just the few who can afford it.”

Karyn Renae Anderson, MFHC Board member since 2014.

We honor patients like Karyn Renae Anderson, MFHC Board member since 2014. At the age of 27, Karyn was an artist and graphic designer and lost her sight due to complications with medication she was taking.  Karyn took what could have been a debilitating prognosis and created a force for good, becoming a patient rights advocate for the needs of the visually impaired in Eagle County, statewide, and nationally.  Today, Karyn serves as the National Federation for the Blind Chapter President, Colorado Cross Disability Coalition Advisory Council Member, and patient advocate on the MFHC Board of Directors. According to Karyn, while being blind has changed her approach to some of life’s challenges, “I just do all things that anyone else would do. I do what I love. There is nothing I can’t do unless I choose not to do it.”

Jon Fox-Rubin, MFHC Board member since 2014. 

We honor patients like Jon Fox-Rubin, MFHC Board member since 2014. Jon was a self-described “gearhead” in high school, holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is the co-founder of two advanced technology companies: Fiberforge Corporation and Hyper-Car, Inc.  Jon helped launch Mountain Voices Project and Valley Settlement, a non-profit focused on improving the lives of immigrant families in rural Western Colorado. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jon led local efforts to reduced evictions by supporting both tenants and landlords through an innovative “Landlord-Tenant Fund.” As Treasurer for the MFHC Board of Directors, Jon has helped the organization rebound from a financial turnaround position in 2019 to becoming a financially healthy organization in 2021.  As Jon puts it simply: “I’ve found my last primary care provider at Mountain Family Health Centers.”

Rob Stein, Superintendent of the Roaring Fork School District, and MFHC Board member since 2013

We honor patients like Rob Stein, Superintendent of the Roaring Fork School District, and MFHC Board member since 2013. Rob has worked on the front lines of education reform for over 30 years, as a teacher, administrator, university professor and educational consultant.  Rob holds a Master’s degree from Stanford University and a PhD from Harvard University, and has been a leading visionary for expanding access to School-Based Health Centers in Western Colorado.  “We want every student to have access to affordable, comprehensive, integrated health care services; regardless of their legal status, family circumstance, place of residence, or economic means,” according to Rob.  “Offering health services in school where our students spend most of their time, is a convenient and safe means of removing barriers to access and ensuring our students receive the care they need to be healthy and successful in school and life.”

Please join us in celebrating the more than 30 million patients that choose to receive their care at a Community Health Centers nationwide and the all-volunteer, patient-majority Boards of Directors that guide our strategic vision, firmly rooted in our first name: Community.

For more on National Health Center Week 2021, visit: https://healthcenterweek.org/.

For more on the Mountain Family Health Centers Board of Directors, visit: https://www.mountainfamily.org/board-of-directors/.

Ross A. Brooks

CEO, Patient, Mountain Family Health Centers


Nominated by Barb Corcoran:

Cristina really struggled with caring for a patient that seemed to be having a panic/anxiety attack, which then turned into a seizure, paramedics were called.  

 Cristina continues to work with this patient, provide excellent care and is getting her hooked up with services to help her live a healthier, fuller life including advocacy from the Advocate Safehouse Project. 

Nominated by Mary Patterson:

I would like to nominate Cristina in BH-  she has been such an asset to our clinic.  I feel lately many days she has been the only BH provider in Glenwood but always willing to help.  She has such a calming way and it definitely shows how much she cares for our patients. 

Yesterday in particular was a hard day with a patient and she stayed right there with her to be sure she was safe. 

Thank you Cristina!  You are awesome! 


Nominated by: Pam Herrera, CCMA

Alexis is my go-to person when I have any questions. During new hire orientation Alexis explains in depth what the MAS role consist off, gives out a schedule that they will follow and what their training will look like and the steps to become a certified medical assistant. Alexis is also in charge of doing the BLS training and goes out and beyond to make sure that we are getting up to date training and CPR techniques.  I want to thank Alexis for her kindness and patience she’s had with all the recent changes in Edwards, from not having a Practice Manager and figuring out who is doing what role etc.

Nominated by: Siouxanne Mease

I would like to nominate Alexis for the Mariposa Award because it is a huge relief to know that she is doing the FIT testing for all clinic-based staff and frees me to do manage other aspects. She works hard and is always ready and willing to answer questions and problem solve. It is great to have her in the Riverside office ready to assist when needed.

Nominated by: Devon Spaulding

Alexis States, what a joy she is to have on my team. This nomination does not do justice to explain how much she has impacted my life. When Alexis came to MFHC she began as an HR Admin Assistant. Soon, we found that she had numerous talents that would help the entire organization thrive. She is always willing to help wherever is needed and does so with a smile on her face. There isn’t a day that she isn’t learning something new or trying her hand at whatever crazy task we throw at her. Human resources is a department that sees it all and she takes each task as a positive challenge and makes it her own.

Recently, we have been growing staff, expanding our workforce and filling positions that were long overdue. This created extra work and without missing a beat, she was there to lend a hand. There are so many days when she does this. You would be reading forever if I listed them all out.

Our Mariposa Award is designed to celebrate those that go above and beyond, have our mission at heart and make MFHC a great place to work.

Without a doubt, she is a Mariposa.

Nominated by: Amanda Canete

I would like to nominate Alexis States for the Mariposa Award.  Our HR has really been quite amazing throughout this whole pandemic, like next level.  When Devon had the nerve to have her baby at the beginning of the craziness (I love you Devon lol), Alexis stepped up and handled everything without missing a beat.  PM’s coordinate with HR A LOT between forms and interviews and Alexis was amazing.  She was always on it when a new opportunity came out for staff, I had to IM her like 14 times one day for different employees and she went through each of their situations and we came up with the best was to support each of them.  Not only did she help with that part of the pandemic but she also has been in the parking lot almost as much as Steve helping us with COVID vaccines.  I thought we were all going to freeze the day she and Scott were helping in the rain/snow but she never didn’t have a smile on her face… to be fair, it could have been frozen there but I can’t actually picture Alexis in my head without a smile.  She is always willing to come help out and always willing to stop for snacks on the way!  She really 100% deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond and emanating Mountain Family’s virtues.   Thank you Alexis for all you do ❤ Also thank you for not getting mad when you have to ask me 4 times for return to work form 😊

Nominated by: Kathy Yost

Alexis has been a great asset to the HR Dept and helping with payroll needs.  I don’t think I could make a payroll Monday with out her.  She is always quick to respond to my emails for Leave’s with a “I’m on it” and I can just hear the Yee Haw behind every email!   Some weeks we both have very large dents in our foreheads from banging against the wall but she still does everything with a smile, a laugh or some silly emoji! I love that I have her to count on when it comes to payroll HR issues!

Thanks for making me smile in our world of chasing our tails!

Nominated by: Scott Owens

Alexis joined the Mountain Family HR Team over 2 years ago.  She made an immediate impact with her eagerness to learn Human Resources from the ground up and by supporting the Credentialling and Privileging process. 

Alexis shows us how to find joy and fun in most any task or situation.  Her outlook on life and consistent positive attitude is contagious in the workplace.  Alexis holds high expectations of herself and her responsibilities at Mountain Family.  Some notable contributions include keeping all or our required trainings organized and in compliance, providing Basic Life Support training, mask fitting, overseeing recognition programs, leading new hire orientation, keeping all MA and Nurse credentials up to date and provides sales and administration services to our Health Solutions program.

Alexis never backs down from a challenge and owns her development and success.  She makes the HR Team and Mountain Family better.  Thank you, Alexis for all you give to our mission.


Nominated by: Dalia Salazar
Stephany is very caring and always willing to help. I believe her dedication and motivation make her a great candidate for this award.

Nominated by: Pam Herrera
I would like to nominate Stephany Ortega RN for the Mariposa Award for the following reasons.
Stephany has been a team player since she first started in Edwards, she has been jumping in as a Medical Assistant when we have been short staffed and still finds a way and time to finish her RN duties. She has shown great growth in becoming one of Edwards team leaders and has become role model for the MA’S and myself. Stephany has also been helping with training New MAs and finishing up competencies. I’m very grateful for all her help in supporting the team and most importantly always being there when I need help. Thank you, Steph.

Nominated by: Claudia Morales
I nominate stephany for the mariposa award because she deserves it for all the effort that she gives every day in the clinic, the unconditional help. She is one of the people who does not need to ask if we need help, she simply does it without interest, she does it from the heart. I admire the way she takes care of the patients. She came to fit in perfectly with the clinic and with the patients. we are very grateful to have Stephany with us.

Nominated by: Brisamar Corrales Lopez
Today I nominate Stephany Ortega for the Mariposa of the month for being such an amazing Coworker. Since I started here in MFHC Stephany has been such a huge part of my training. She is always there to give me great advice and guiding me to the path to be a great MA. She is always there to give me a hand. I really appreciate her work.

Nominated by: Jovita Pineda
Good morning, I would love to nominate Stephany Ortega for the Mariposa Award, because she is a fabulous person at our clinic. Always willing to help without us asking for help, has a big heart caring for our patient and staff. Ever since I started my journey at Mountain Family Health Center, she has taught me a lot with our procedures, making sure if I still need to learn something she always comes and grabs me to learn from her. She always has a smile at work prepared to work and be ready for the patient.

Nominated by: Maricruz Cornelio
I nominate Stephy for the Mariposa award because she is a compassionate nurse and friend, effective team leader, and a proactive team player. Stephy is gifted with a kind heart that allows her to be bicultural with patients and treats them with patience. Stephy is always working beyond her nursing duties and willing to step in with MA duties. Thank you, Steph, for always genuinely asking us if we need help, and for always being so gorgeous.


Basalt High School

May 20th from 130p-4p, 16 yrs of age and older. 

We are offering 1st and 2nd doses (you did not have to get your 1st dose with us if you still need your 2nd dose you can come)

No appointment needed

June 10th from 130p-4p, 16 yrs of age and older. 

2nd Doses only, (you did not have to get your 1st dose with us if you still need your 2nd dose you can come)  

No appointment needed


2021 has already been a whirlwind of a year for us here at Mountain Family. While we spent the majority of 2020 focused on COVID testing, in just two and a half months, we have given more vaccines than tests conducted since the start of the pandemic.

On January 20th we started administering the COVID-19 vaccine and as of the end of March we’ve administered 4,210 vaccines to our community members. This includes both first and second doses. As we head into April, 1,627 of our friends, relatives and neighbors have received both doses from Mountain Family. We are now excited to offer vaccine to all community members 18 and order per the latest guidance in from the state

We have had a lot of questions about our vaccine process so, I thought I would provide a quick glimpse into the work behind the clinics which dictates our processes.


All vaccine providers place orders with the state on a weekly basis for the next week and the state doesn’t tell us until Friday afternoon or Sunday how many doses will be sent. This has been a variable process, so we don’t start scheduling anyone for a first dose until Monday afternoons when we know what we’ll have on hand.


Once we know what we’ll have on hand, we open the schedules and notify staff. Team members start making calls to people who are our patients and qualify, and those who have signed up on our website. This is largely done in-between regular responsibilities and patient care.


Probably the most important component that drives our workflows is timing!

  • Delivery – we don’t receive the shipment of vaccines until Tuesday or Wednesday, this limits our ability to have vaccine clinics earlier in the week
  • 2.5 hours – we receive the vaccines frozen and this is the time needed for them to thaw at room temperature. Our morning clinics store them overnight in the refrigerator to thaw.
  • 6 hours – that is how long we have to administer all doses from a vial once the first needle is inserted into the vial
    • 10-12 –the number of doses we get from a vial depending on the needle size we’ve received that week.
    • This means once we puncture a vial, we need to have 10-12 people ready to be vaccinated and is why we book everything in blocks.
  • 15 minutes – The observation period. During this time, we are making sure that no one has an allergic reaction to the vaccine, and we’re prepared if someone dose.

Documentation and 2nd doses

When we give the last vaccine for the day our work is not done. Every vaccine is documented in our Electronic Health Record, reported to the state’s tracking system, and second doses are scheduled.

Repeat Weekly

This process has been exhausting but also rewarding. We’ve had cookies dropped off for us as thanks, pizza delivered to us on occasion, and many, many grateful patients expressing their gratitude. Some patients have even made generous donations. We’ve also gotten to meet a lot of people’s dogs, which is a personal highlight.

We are hopeful this is bringing us to the end of this pandemic but remind you to hold out just a little longer – please continue to wear your mask and wash your hands!

If you are still looking to get your vaccine, we have 3 ways that you can get signed up:

  • Schedule your own appointment through the patient portal
    • Call us at 970-945-2840
    • Go to our website and sign up through the interest form

by Dr. Casey Aquirre
Time and time again I see Mary providing excellent care and her patients let us know how great she is for MFHC. Not only does she consistently work to care for her patients but is always willing to take an extra shift to help me out when I need a break. I appreciate her desire to improve as a provider and her willingness to get better. Recently she took care of a very ill patient which assuredly was uncomfortable for her to see, but she worked through the challenge and helped the patient get the care he needed. Thanks Mary, I really love and care about you!

by Dr. Matt Percy
I am the PCP for a patient, whose husband sees Mary Patterson for her care. During a recent visit the patient was raving to me about the excellent care that Mary provided to her husband. She was particularly touched that last summer while her husband was in the hospital Mary called each day to check in on him. It was clear that Mary had made a big impact on the wife as she was still talking about it months later. This is just one of many examples I’ve heard over the years of Mary’s excellent care. Thanks for going above and beyond for our patients Mary! Thank you Mary for all you do!


Nominated by: Wynette Jackson
I have never had a Boss that worked so hard for each of her workers to make sure we have everything we need to succeed in every aspect of our job and life. She has always given her hand out when you need help, a shoulder to cry on just when you need to let it out, ears that intently listen to your problems and tries to work with you to find multiple solutions. She is truly a Jack of all trades and a Master of Everything! I know that her wild nursing family keeps her on her toes but she keeps our intentions true and kind, souls light with laughter, and bellies full lol We love her and appreciate her so much! Thank you for being our Boss Lady of the Crazies!!! Lol

Nominated by: Jacqueline Chavez
Amanda has been our mom, boss, best friend, therapist, etc. She is the ray of sunshine we needed here in Glenwood. No matter how stressed or busy she is she always has time to talk. She knows exactly what to say and do when we are at our breaking points. I have never had a boss who deeply treats me like a valuable employee and takes their time to hear me out. If there are any conflicts around the clinic, she deals with them right away. Amanda is super hard working, to where I have to ask her if she’s mentally okay sometimes. Don’t even get me started on office parties. She will go above and beyond for the clinic’s birthdays, holiday parties, baby showers EVERYTHING. I am so thankful for her; she knows I love her so very much. 

P.S: She is killing it at COVID vaccine clinics!! 

Nominated by: Kelly Ketzenbarger
From day one Amanda has given her entire being to making Mountain Family Glenwood the best it can be. She has kept a smile on her face (and the faces of everyone else) despite fights in the parking lot, a dead guy on the front porch, lots of drunk people, neighbors’ houses blowing up, forest fires, snowstorms, a financial turn-around, and, as we all know…COVID. I can’t think of anyone else that could have gotten us through these last 2 MAJOR challenges better than Amanda. She did and has done everything in her power to keep us safe, secure, sane (debatable), and, actually happy.

Amanda has had to respond to numerous (god only knows how many) patient challenges from complaints of strangulation and broken necks to breaking covid vaccine needles in people’s arms. And, yet, Amanda has the integrity, compassion, grace, and some kind of Harry Potter magic to turn bad into good.

And what can I say about Amanda’s MAAAADDD party planning skills???!!! She is always looking for ways to bring light and joy to the workplace. She is absolutely 100% invested in making our jobs FUN! To quote Dale Carnegie, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” She incites,,,no, not violence, but laughter. You can hear laughter in the halls of Glenwood every single day. Amanda has created an environment of hard work and hard fun – an environment that brings out the best in people and, consequently, the best patient care.

Are we perfect in Glenwood? Heck no! But I truly feel that everything we do, we do out of love and, really, how can you go wrong with that? I credit Amanda for this. In a sense, she is the goddess of love …ah, hold on, I may be taking this a bit far…😊

One last thing, Amanda has this keen insight into people’s strengths (another Harry Potter wizardly skill) which she is able to bring out and utilize to the benefit of Mountain Family and, more importantly, to the individual. She has faith in people even when people don’t have faith in themselves (I am just one example).

Thank you, Amanda, for being you.

Nominated by: Wilber Mendez
Amanda is amazing at managing all the productive chaos.
She is calm, cool, and collected and thoughtful.
I appreciate her organization of the entire clinic (except her desk).
I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that my boss supports and appreciates me.
Amanda without a doubt deserves this award and every recognition that comes with being AMAZING every single day.


Now that COVID-19 vaccines are available for anyone 18 and older, you can re-focus on dental care for the whole family. Mountain Family has provided dental care through tele-dentistry since the beginning of the pandemic last March, and we are happy to announce that we are now offering full-service in-clinic dental care at our locations in Basalt, Glenwood Springs, Avon, Edwards, and Rifle.

Our team of dentists and hygienists have had first-hand experience in delivering care to our patients during a pandemic. We follow all precautions related to COVID, and naturally everyone wears masks. Our focus is on preventative care and check-ups to fillings, extractions, and dentures. We can also address more serious issues like gum disease and tooth loss. 

One of our patients, Maria came in for a routine examination to our Basalt center and was seen by Dr. Connor Rivers and one of our hygienists, Osiris. Dr. Rivers suggested that she have four fillings done, and she was able to easily make an appointment for follow up. Also, on the same day she was able to have a full teeth cleaning. She was grateful that our team was so thorough and caring. 

Our team, including four dentists and five hygienists, stands by ready to assist you. To make a dental appointment or to receive urgent care, please call Mountain Family at 970-945-2840

If you wish to make a gift to support our work, please do so here.

Working together, we have gotten through this last year, now bringing healthy smiles back to our patients’ faces.

Mountain Family Health Centers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center


We improve the health of our community by providing equitable and affordable medical, behavioral, and dental healthcare for all.

(general questions only)
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Glenwood Springs, CO 81601